Painted Alien

Final painted alien with pupils attached. It’s really come to life.

Painting Background

After toning the background with a burnt umber glaze, I painted the scene. I wanted

Painting Owen

Owen was a really chatty cathy when I was painting him, talking to me the

Midnight Garden

Second painting on the 8″ round circles started with a watercolor pencil sketch then outlined

Blue Racoon

I have a pack of these 8″ wooden circles I intended for a different project,

Tucker the Duck

Progress on painting Tucker. Painted dark base color then dry brushed lighter shade next. Colors

Childhood Art Chair Restored

Restored and hand painted my childhood art chair with acrylic paint and POSCA pens.

Get Out of the Way

Unprocessed experiences will rear their ugly heads and work their way into the front of

Robot 3-Up

I’ve been enjoying the challenge of these painting exercises. Painting the same image on three

Create to Connect

Artists are not like athletes. We can’t win gold, beat other creatives, or come first.

Baking Painted Polymer Clay?

My latest sculpture is slowly coming to life as a Scuba-Saurus, a dino with adorable

Color the Bird Yellow

Dry brushing is so satisfying and addictive; the key is to know when to stop.

Color the Bird Grey

Continuing my painting of Maverick, I needed him to be able to look at me,

4up Painting Practice

Connecting with the image world thru 4up painting.

Painting Maverick

Maverick was baked in the oven for 15-minutes at 275 degrees. Now it’s time to