Baking Painted Polymer Clay?

My latest sculpture is slowly coming to life as a Scuba-Saurus, a dino with adorable swim gear. Unfortunately, adding the goggles over the eyes will make it incredibly difficult to paint. I usually do all the sculpting, baking, then painting with acrylic. But I have never tied baking AFTER painting.

With my Scuba-Saurus; I would prefer to paint his eyes and face under the mask, then add the unbaked clay mask with bake n’ bond and bake again. Will it work? I have no idea — time for an experiment.

I rolled out a small medallion and baked it for 15 minutes at 275-degrees.

After it cooled, I painted it yellow and white with acrylic paint. I left a ring of unpainted clay near the edge, where I added a bead of Bake n’ Bond then blended in a ring of raw clay, blending it to the already baked clay.

Back in the oven for 15-minutes at 275 degrees.

RESULTS: The acrylic paint and added clay appear to be fused just fine. The only noticeable issue is the yellow pigment does appear more faded. However, I was able to add another coat of paint, and the yellow looks bright and normal.

Baking polymer after applying acrylic paint appears to be okay—no bubbling or flaking, just a slightly faded color. I will repeat this experiment with my Scuba-Saurus and report back soon.