Get Out of the Way

Unprocessed experiences will rear their ugly heads and work their way into the front of your mind. Old memories were nagging for attention taking me away from the creative project in front of me.

It’s amazing how swiftly the past can pull you out of the present moment—like a needy child repeatedly crying your name until you stop what you are doing and address them.

When I’m stuck in the past mentally, I can’t be absorbed in my creative work. Replaying old events drowns out the subtle clues the clay and paint offer. It’s deafening quiet; the Muse will not be present until I am.

I insisted on forcing the situation, foolishly thinking I could work thru it. Instead, my brushstrokes were jerky and awkward while my mind chaotically chatted away.

I should have gone for a walk. The demons hate fresh air. Instead, I painted this mess. Eventually, I will learn this lesson.