Painting Maverick

Maverick was baked in the oven for 15-minutes at 275 degrees. Now it’s time to start painting him. I begin by painting the baked polymer clay with heavy body acrylic paints. I prefer the heavy body tube style paints because they cover better and have richer colors than the Folk Art bottle style craft paints.

In this first stage of the painting, I am simply covering the sculpture with blocks of color. Painters often refer to “covering the canvas,” and that’s what I’m doing here too. I’m not concerned with perfectly staying between the lines here, and you’ll notice my “boo-boos” as I go along. The first coat of paint is when I hear the most resistance in my head, but the process is to keep painting and become aware of the fear in my mind.

This base coat will be my medium to the darkest color. In the second pass, I will begin to dry-brush the high points of the sculpture with lighter shades. This first coat is the deeper color in the texture of the feathers.

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