4up Painting Practice

I did this 4up painting exercise for several reasons:

  • Improve my brush control. Printing every day develops muscle memory and skill. 
  • Reduce blank page anxiety, get out of my head, and kill the perfectionist by free hand painting.
  • Practice with acrylic paints and get a better feel for mixing, blending, opacity, and dry time.
  • Connect with the image world thru playful creation. (Lynda Barry)
  • Repetition study, how doing the same step four times allows me to try slightly different things and see the results. 

Below is the time-lapse of this exercise. I found it difficult to silence the inner critic and resist walking away mid-process. However, this is a helpful practice I need to do regularly.

[s3mvp id=’11’]

Part 1

[s3mvp id=’12’]

Part 2

[s3mvp id=’13’]

Part 3