Childhood Art Chair Restored

Painted art chair project by artist Rebecca Ruggles

The Process: Completed the art chair after many months of delays. Spray-painted the background color, then transferred the pencil design with white graphite paper, blocked out colors with hand-brushed acrylic paint, and added line details with POSCA paint pens. Sealed with matte spray varnish for protection.

Reflection: It felt good to breathe new colors and life into my childhood chair. I spent many hours in this chair as a child. Over the years, it’s been a handy step stool and low perch for painting baseboards. Restoring it with my own artwork feels like it’s come full circle. Now it will be chair-ished for many more years to come.

Where is started? My childhood play chair has seen lots of love over the years.
Filled in the chipped area with Apoxie sculpt and smoothed out with the orbital sander.
Primed with spray paint.
Paper template and rough design.
Transferred my design from paper to the chair. Easier to pencil out on flat paper rather than draw on a chair.
Painted art chair project by artist Rebecca Ruggles