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Sketch to Vector

One of the daily drawings in my sketchbook stood out to me to have a

Symmetry Tool

I’m always learning about new features in Procreate from artist friends and the web. The

Book Mouse

Quick drawing of a bibliophile mouse. Using Procreate, I imported a photo of a felted

Seeking Nimbus

Nimbus, the Wind Whale, can not resist the joy of lifting a kite. He pushes

Murder Muffins

The drawing was inspired by a phrase I heard today when a woman described her

Chocolate Doughnut Dingo

Quick little critter drawing of a rare dingo. In Procreate on the iPad, I like

Venti Vulpe Critter Drawing

You see these critters everywhere, intensely studying their phones and throwing back three shots of

Tea Cup Details

With the paper mechanics worked out today I refined the tea cup design in Procreate.

Blairsville Courthouse

Final version of the courthouse illustration.

Blairsville Courthouse Drawing

Using a photo from my phone imported into Procreate and traced with black pen I

Flying Friends

Procreate sketch of bird walking with his flying friend the butterfly. Working on bent legs

Stubby Opossum

Drawing in Procreate of a opossum with stubby arms and a round belly. Tried different

Procreate with Illustrator

Just took a quick online course with Lisa Glanz ‘Using Procreate with Illustrator to Enhance

Making Comics Exercise: … and then what?

Draw one scene and then draw the next as your answer to what happens next.

Sketch: Far Out Roll

Working on characters holding things. Adding the thumb helped in this case.

Sketch: Seasons Changed

Fall came on in a snap, time to wear my favorite knitted hat with the

Sketch: Early Birds Totem

This is an idea for a totem pole of pigeons drinking their first cup of

Sketch: Queen Flamingo

Working on sketches of birds and character side profiles. This flamingo is inspired by a

Sketch: Slouchy Bird

Working on side profiles in this sketch.

Sketch: Noodle Pot Kitty

Always comforted by a hot steamy bowl of ramen. Working on drawing my critters holding