Sketch to Vector

Sketchbook to Vector of Nibbles by Rebecca Ruggles

One of the daily drawings in my sketchbook stood out to me to have a name. I started with Crumb, then Scant, and then we landed on Nibbles. I inked him on paper, and the following day I took a photo of the sketch with my iPad and decided to refine him in Procreate. Once in Procreate, I can quickly export PNG files to Adobe Illustrator and also quickly experiment with color options. My plan is to enlarge Nibbles to a 23-inch 5mm thick cutout.

Thinking about Nibbles, I feel he reflects the transition I’m experiencing as I follow the program in the book “The Artist Way.” I’m on week eight and have already been dramatically impacted by an unblocking of creative flow. Like Nibbles, I’m surrendering to my imagination. Let the balloon lift me off the ground and playfully take me to new creative places.