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Quirky Bird Timelapse

Timelapse video of Rebecca Ruggles working on the Quirky Bird paper sculpture. Shows how handpainted

Eyes Have It

Added more feathers and details to the eyes. All paper is painted before being placed

Feathers and Beak

I brushed mixed media paper with streaky blues on one side and yellow on the

Quirky Bird Paper Sculpture

Mimicking James Lake’s cardboard sculptures and wanting to explore using paper as a sculpting medium,

Hummingbird Sculpt

At art group this Wednesday, I worked on sculpting a hummingbird. Adding each teardrop in

Tulip the Duck

Sculpted with oven baked CosClay over a wooden peg. Tulip loves waddling thru the tulip

Flying Friends

Procreate sketch of bird walking with his flying friend the butterfly. Working on bent legs

Sketch: Queen Flamingo

Working on sketches of birds and character side profiles. This flamingo is inspired by a

Sketch: Slouchy Bird

Working on side profiles in this sketch.

Colorful Kookaburra

First drawing attempt pairing watercolor and POSCA Paint Pens. Brushed the watercolor first, then added

Epaulets & Ruffles

Allowing Maverick's personality to rise to the surface.