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More to the Story

Covering the neck of the wood finial, I kept wondering if there was more to

Helmet Details

Keep moving the clay - the hands know more than your mind.

Furry Face

Furry texture with dental tools and ball stylus.

Lessons In Cutting

If at first you don’t succeed, cut, cut, and cut again.


A warning sign from the clay gods.

Ear Re-do and Eye Shape

She tells me she does not approve of her "Ren and Stimpy" like Ears.

Emergency Carrots

Can't Sleep, too many ideas for Ameila. She coming to life.

We Have Lift Off & Ears

Formed the wire and foil armature for the ear supports and covered with clay.

New Sculpt Starting

Just like improv, you make a move and listen to what the clay says it

Amelia Drawing with Procreate

Picasso had his Blue Period, and I am experiencing an 'Ole Hare Moment.'