• More to the Story

    Covering the neck of the wood finial, I kept wondering if there was more to Amelia’s story than a simple bust? I know she needs a scarf that soars…

  • Helmet Details

    Keep moving the clay – the hands know more than your mind.

  • Furry Face

    Furry texture with dental tools and ball stylus.

  • Lessons In Cutting

    If at first you don’t succeed, cut, cut, and cut again.

  • Screwed

    A warning sign from the clay gods.

  • Ear Re-do and Eye Shape

    She tells me she does not approve of her “Ren and Stimpy” like Ears.

  • Emergency Carrots

    Can’t Sleep, too many ideas for Ameila. She coming to life.

  • We Have Lift Off & Ears

    Formed the wire and foil armature for the ear supports and covered with clay.

  • New Sculpt Starting

    Just like improv, you make a move and listen to what the clay says it wants to be. It’s not my job to decide if it’s good or bad;…

  • Amelia Drawing with Procreate

    Picasso had his Blue Period, and I am experiencing an ‘Ole Hare Moment.’