New Sculpt Starting

My intention heading into this sculpt was a bust with an aviator-style helmet like the owl I made last year. Unsure what animal I was making, I decided adding bulk to the middle of the face is an excellent place to start. Just like improv, you make a move and listen to what the clay says it wants to be. It’s not my job to decide if it’s good or bad; my role is only to move the clay.

I started this sculpt at Sooz’s Art Meetup, a bi-monthly gathering of creative women. First, I began covering the wood finial with polymer clay and marking the face proportions — next, two clay balls for the snout. Trepidation surged as I kept working, but all I could see was a butt smack-dab in the middle of the face. Thankfully the addition of the nose and jowls saved that day as the bunny’s mouth took shape.