Amelia Drawing with Procreate

Rebecca Ruggles - Drawing of Amelia Aviator Bunny

I’ve got bunnies on the brain. It began with the victorian time-jumping rabbit I made in Anne’s Ceramics Meetup. Now I’m doodling and sculpting Amelia, a vintage aviator rabbit. Picasso had his Blue Period, and I am experiencing an ‘Ole Hare Moment.’

I did this sketch in Procreate, a drawing app for the iPad. Procreate is my go-to drawing tool. It’s portable and gives you every pencil, brush, marker, and color on the planet. I can take photos or paste one in from the web and trace it. Similar to how one would use a lightbox. The best feature of Procreate is the un-do button; this allows me to take chances and try things in my drawings. If I don’t like how it’s turning out, I can press ‘undo’, removing each stroke until I’ve returned to a point, and try again. When using marker and paper, I find myself hesitant to try something for fear of losing the drawing I’m enjoying before me.

There are lots of add-on brushes you can buy and load into Procreate. I have been enjoying Lisa Glanz’s Character Drawing Tool Kit. I drop in one of her head or body framework grids, and I’m off to the races drawing. It’s a great way to ignite those creative juices, and I never know the creature that will emerge before me.

I just discovered that Procreate also keeps a time-lapse of your dawing. The timelapse feature documents each stroke of the drawing. I can watch the things I attempted and scrapped and see the drawing build over time. A completely new perspective of my work. Below is the time-lapse of this drawing:

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