Lessons In Cutting

Lessons learned in cutting outdoor deck drywall screws:

  • Hacksaw, nope.
  • Nippers, nope.
  • Metal Shears, nope.
  • Cutting Disk, SUCCESS!

Those suckers hardened. My rotary cutting tool, Harbor Freight Dremel knock-off, took about 5 minutes per screw to cut thru. Lots of excitement seeing sparks flying in the art space.

With the screw heads removed, sculpting can resume. Horray! The rigid screws made sculpting easier; having a firm post to push against was a significant improvement over the wire. Blending in the screw post thicked up the ears, but adding the ear hood details makes the ear look less chunky and more delicate. I’m super happy with how this piece evolves and learning more about Amelia as she talks to me.