What Big Eyes You Have

The giant alien, with whom I used an exercise ball for the armature, is looking

Painting the Green Alien

Painting the alien green with purple eyes. These bright colors took about 7 coats to

Paint Cups

I love using the Solo 2oz plastic cups to mix and store my paint. I

Second Layer

Applying a second coat of concrete paper clay to the exercise-ball form. This layer needed


Working on my second and third alien. One with wet clay and the other dry

Third Alien

Adding clay to the third alien head sculpture. I hate calling it that, but I

Antennas Make the Alien

This project started with no clear direction other than testing the concrete paper clay over

Alien Mouth

Continuing with my EVA foam exploration, I added a strip with hot glue to my

Face From Three Bowls

Using the three bowls, made by troweling concrete paper clay over half-sphere forms, I made