Second Layer

applying second coat of concrete paper clay to exercise ball form

Applying a second coat of concrete paper clay to the exercise-ball form. This layer needed to be done in one setting, so I would not have seams. I planned ahead, knowing the first coat took about 6.25 batches of clay. I pre-measured my paper pulp the night before so I could quickly mix successive batches in one setting. It was a hot day in the garage, temps were about 90 degrees, and the clay was drying faster than expected. I used a spray bottle to keep things moist. The second coat took 7.5 batches and six hours to apply. I was very proud of the progress I made in one focused session.

close up of second coat of concrete paper clay

This is my first time working on a sculpture this large, and I learned that the scratch coat really helped the second coat to grab on. I attempted to add some metal mesh between that coats, but it caused lots of air bubbles to form and was more trouble than help.