• Color the Bird Yellow

    Dry brushing is so satisfying and addictive; the key is to know when to stop. I fear I’ve gone too far with my yellow cockatiel accents on Maverick crest…

  • Color the Bird Grey

    Continuing my painting of Maverick, I needed him to be able to look at me, so I added pupils to his zombie-looking eyes. So much better, now he can…

  • Painting Maverick

    Maverick was baked in the oven for 15-minutes at 275 degrees. Now it’s time to start painting him. I begin by painting the baked polymer clay with heavy body…

  • Ready to Bake

    Time-lapse video of the last touches on Maverick.

  • Classy Bird

    Clothes make the bird.

  • Epaulets & Ruffles

    Allowing Maverick’s personality to rise to the surface.