Midnight Garden

Second painting on the 8″ round circles started with a watercolor pencil sketch then outlined

Childhood Art Chair Restored

Restored and hand painted my childhood art chair with acrylic paint and POSCA pens.

Fresh Air

The magic of a road trip adventure; the wind in your fur and all the

Sausage & Banana Slug

Weekend getaway to Trinidad, CA to take in the forest and cool ocean air. Saw

Purple Cow

Making woodblock texture using paint pens and watercolor paper. So bright and opaque. U can


Doodle with watercolor and POSCA Paint Pens. Experimenting with layers and textures.

Dapper Badger

Exploring drawing with my POSCA Paint Pens on watercolor paper. I liked the effect of

Colorful Kookaburra

First drawing attempt pairing watercolor and POSCA Paint Pens. Brushed the watercolor first, then added

POSCA Paint Pens

Making a color chart for my new POSCA Paint Pens (PC-3M) Fine Point. I want