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The Wind Whale

Nimbus, the Wind Whale, soars thru the sky, forming new clouds with each exhale of

The Mushroom Topper

The Mushroom Topper climbs down from the tree with a basket full of germinated spores

Stardust Dipper

I’ve been dreaming of these layered drawings that create depth and tell a story about

Quirky Bird Timelapse

Timelapse video of Rebecca Ruggles working on the Quirky Bird paper sculpture. Shows how handpainted

Eyes Have It

Added more feathers and details to the eyes. All paper is painted before being placed

Feathers and Beak

I brushed mixed media paper with streaky blues on one side and yellow on the

Quirky Bird Paper Sculpture

Mimicking James Lake’s cardboard sculptures and wanting to explore using paper as a sculpting medium,

Pop-Up Scene Doodle

Been enjoying doodling with layers. Imagining a scene with a background, midground, and foreground. This

Tea Cup Pop-Up: Full-Color Draft

After drawing and coloring all the parts in procreate, today was the first time printing

Tea Cup Pop-Up : Paper Engineering

Started designing a tea-cup pop-up card for Popupity. In the early stages, it’s helpful to

Giant Giraffe Paper Sculpture

Giant giraffe paper sculpture in progress. Using Joni’s Ultimate Paper Mache Pattern blown up to

Dem Bones

Jonni at Ultimate Paper Mache has been an incredible teacher to me thru her website