Baby Bird Details

It was difficult to sculpt smaller details with the concrete paper clay on the baby

Off the Ball

With the second coat dry, it was time to deflate the exercise ball and see

Second Layer

Applying a second coat of concrete paper clay to the exercise-ball form. This layer needed


Working on my second and third alien. One with wet clay and the other dry

Third Alien

Adding clay to the third alien head sculpture. I hate calling it that, but I

Big Bird Eyebrows

Adding eyebrow details and a second layer on the bird beak. I have to sculpt

Sculpting Baby Bird Feet

Adding concrete paper clay to the bottom of the feet. had to let it dry

Giant Alien

Today I started making a giant version of my alien sculpture using an exercise ball

Big Bird Head

I liked how the little bird sculpt is shaping up I decided to attempt a

Little Bird Clay

First layer of clay on little bird. Next will be sculpting the legs and feet.

Little Bird

Applying clay to my little bird sculpture.

EVA Foam & Styrofoam

I took an 8″ and 2″ styrofoam ball from the floral section of my craft

Resin Coat Test

Loving how this resin layer transforms the concrete paper clay into a glazed surface.

Fill and Smooth

Added a thin coat of joint compound and gesso sanding between layers for a smoother

Face From Three Bowls

Using the three bowls, made by troweling concrete paper clay over half-sphere forms, I made

Concrete Paper Clay with Forms

I mixed up another batch of the Concrete Paper Clay recipe I learned about on

Concrete Paper Clay

Testing out another of Jonni’s recipes, which uses Portland cement. The result was even better