Mr. Tibbons

Today at art group, I began the underpainting on a character I sculpted a while

Art Resin #2

Two layers of art resin, poured 3 hours apart. Worked much better than sanding between

Painting the Green Alien

Painting the alien green with purple eyes. These bright colors took about 7 coats to

Paint Cups

I love using the Solo 2oz plastic cups to mix and store my paint. I

Painting Small

Using a magnification light is a humbling experience. You have to look closely to see

Painting Lil Bird

I started painting the first layers of color at the art group today. I was

Resin Alien

This was my first time applying Art Resin to a sculpture. It look two coats

Painted Alien

Final painted alien with pupils attached. It’s really come to life.

Blue Alien

Painting the alien shades of blue with acrylic paint.

Seeker Wall Sculpture: Dry Brush & Washes

I am adding acrylic paint over the bunt umber base coat with a dry brush

Seeker Wall Sculpture: Base Color Paint

Using the same concept of colored ground for canvas printing, I painted my entire Seeker

Organize & Clean Studio

It started with the garage purge and clean last weekend, and now my studio space

Painting Sea Monster Tentacles

I love the colors of these scary sea monster tentacles and how the burnt umber

Preview Diorama Layers

With a few layers painted, I did a test stack of the background, frame, and

Painting Background

After toning the background with a burnt umber glaze, I painted the scene. I wanted

Color Tests

Since I wasted several sheets of material perfecting the engraving with the CNC on this

Nibbles Take Two

Not satisfied with the first painting of Nibbles, I took a second attempt, this time

Painting Nibbles

Trying some new things while painting Nibbles. I wanted to try toning the canvas blue,

Color Mixing

Started an online course on Color Mixing with Will Kemp’s Art School. I’ve has never

Artist Date

Took the cargo van out as a makeshift mobile studio to do watercolor by the