Revisiting Mr. Tibbons

Mr. Tibbons with his little friend.
Mr. Tibbons being painted in bright greens and blues.
Mr. Tibbons ready for painting at art group.

Mr. Tibbons and his tooth friend Bicuspid have been sitting around my studio unfinished for a while. I got stuck on this project, unsure of what to do next. So, it sat for months and months.

Now was the time to pick him up and see what I could do to get him in a more finished state. I began with painting a crazy lime green color, with purple and blue mixed in. Honestly, I’ve been unsure of this entire project, so why settle into a comfortable choice now?

I plan to do another experiment, adding fabric to a sculpture. It will be my first mixed-media attempt. I can see him wearing an oversized jacket that trails behind him. Rather than sculpt fabric, I want to use an old sheet and apply a stiffener that will allow me to form drapes and folds. Then, I will paint over the top fabric with acrylic paint.

Mr. Tibbons has more to teach me, and I now have an open mind to take the lessons.