Purple Pandnana

Back in March, I had the idea to sculpt a banana peel to place on

Thoughts on Forks

Perspective matters. What do they think of all our discarded items?

Flashy Feathers

Painted the first layers of acrylic base on my bird head today. I plan on

Summer Sniffs

On my walks, I can’t help but take a moment to close my eyes and


Between projects and learning new software, I have been turning to my sketchbook as an

Water Color Diorama

At the art group in Nipomo, I decided to take a break from acrylic and

Patches Doodle

It’s wonderful to be a part of a group of ladies that meets and does

Sketch to Vector

One of the daily drawings in my sketchbook stood out to me to have a

Symmetry Tool

I’m always learning about new features in Procreate from artist friends and the web. The

Book Mouse

Quick drawing of a bibliophile mouse. Using Procreate, I imported a photo of a felted

Daily Drawing Practice

Morning Pages have worked out so well for me that I’ve also decided to add

Seeking Nimbus

Nimbus, the Wind Whale, can not resist the joy of lifting a kite. He pushes

The Wind Whale

Nimbus, the Wind Whale, soars thru the sky, forming new clouds with each exhale of

The Mushroom Topper

The Mushroom Topper climbs down from the tree with a basket full of germinated spores

Stardust Dipper

I’ve been dreaming of these layered drawings that create depth and tell a story about

Murder Muffins

The drawing was inspired by a phrase I heard today when a woman described her

Chocolate Doughnut Dingo

Quick little critter drawing of a rare dingo. In Procreate on the iPad, I like

Venti Vulpe Critter Drawing

You see these critters everywhere, intensely studying their phones and throwing back three shots of

Pop-Up Scene Doodle

Been enjoying doodling with layers. Imagining a scene with a background, midground, and foreground. This

Printable Teacup Pop-Up Card

I’ve turned by teacup pop-up card into a printable DIY project anyone can make with