Dip Pen Trial

Testing acrylic ink as watercolor alternative over inda ink no blurs.
First time using a fountain ink style pen with india ink and color acrylic inks.

I splurged and purchased a dip pen, a few bottles of India, and acrylic ink to try out. I was inspired and curious after watching Chloe Gendron’s Dip Pen Video about how these pens would perform for drawing. Her fine line drawings are proof these dip pens are magic.

I used watercolor paper and tried a variety of tips, and I’m in love. It feels like painting but with a very controlled fine hairline. I like the control I have the the sound of the pen on the paper.

The India ink did not bleed when I washed color over top, and I like that I can use color inks and mix ink colors like watercolors.