Anyone can declare they are an entrepreneur, and most that do are NOT. Allow me to correct some common miss understandings. You are NOT an entrepreneur if you’re an independent rep for a product line (dōTERRA, LuLaRoe, or Scentsy). You are a sales rep, who buys, resells, and takes order for a product. Often you […]



Recommitting to the habit of writing and publishing. 30 Minutes of Consuming Stimulating Material 30 Minutes of Writing 30 Days On the Seventh Day Look over the writings of the week, polish and edit then publish. The articles I publish are what you read here on this website. The topics will be irregular but they […]



I spend too much time fantasizing about the future. The people I want in it, the experiences I have yet to explore. It’s a fun place to hang out, head in the clouds, directing the world to materialize my dream. It’s a gift to be able to visualize, plan, and strategize – one I have […]



Meditation is deceptively simple. Get comfortable, sit still and focus on your breath. As your mind wonders take notice, and come back to the breath. The first time you try, five minutes will feel like an eternity. Sometimes you only to achieve 30-seconds of quiet focus, but building a habit of nurturing your mind is […]


Stock & Flow

I’ve been enjoying the nuggets and wisdom found in Austin Kleon’s book Show Your Work!. As someone who has been reluctant to show my work, or used the excuse of my work is not good enough to share, I’ve found the pages in the book to change my mindset.


Sweat Equity

The only way to get your body to sweat is thru work. You can’t buy our outsource sweat production. It’s honest work and it never lies. When I sweat I feel accomplishment, vitality, and mentally focused. When I don’t sweat feelings of depression and listlessness start to sneak in. Confidence slips away taking my creative […]



As an artist or creator, you have good taste. The things you envision excite you, and there is a yearning to make them a reality. Our first attempts are often disappointing. We step back observing our ugly ducking. Disappointment and doubt overflow from the inside out. The inner critic spews skepticism and self-hate. Passion transforms […]



The power of the first step. The decision to start becomes the catalyst for the second and third step. A momentum builds after a few steps build upon each other. Inaction is comfortable; its gravity paralyzes our attempt to reach full potential.



I obtain great pride in putting the needs of others before myself. When I shamelessly promote others, it strokes my ego. I’m more selfless therefore, I win. This mindset is a curse that plagues women. It comes from our animal instinct to nurture; we give from ourselves to sustain life. We give like Shel Silverstein’s […]

Business, Mindfulness

The Enemy

The more we live and expand our experience the “shoulds” and “rules” start to attach to us like barnacles. Covered head to toe in a hard crust. Trapped like statues in a protective shell, unable to move or do the work our heart craves. Every inspiration forced to travel thru a gauntlet of judgement before […]



Craving validation is natural. We learn it as children how good it feels to hear our parents praise when we proudly show an exciting new thing we made. Instant gratification. Reassurance that we are on the right track. As we grow up validation shifts, our teachers and peers provide praise and critique.


The Busy Habit

Almost everyone I know is busy. It’s the default answer when you ask people how they are doing. It’s like bragging and complaining at the same time. Jam packing every minute of the day makes you feel needed and important. It’s a self-imposed stress driven by what they might have to face if they had […]


What vs Why

I’ve always focused on the practical WHAT. What products will I create? How do I produce those items? Who will buy them? The focus was on delivering the best product I could. I always worked hard towards my goals but found the passion fleeting once the excitement wore off.