June 2024

What I’ve Been Up To…

Art Camp

During the first week of June, I had the pleasure of attending Feather River Art Camp in Quincy, CA. At camp, I learned about printmaking from Chris Granillo and came home with new materials and techniques to explore. Exploring new art forms and seeing other artists’ work was energizing. I feel the momentum carrying me even now that I’m home.

Printmaking & Carving

I’ve been carving drawings from my sketchbook onto wood and rubber blocks and then making prints. Golden’s OPEN gel medium mixed with acrylic paint prints well.

I like the texture of the carved print blocks. The chisel leaves behind groves that remind me of brush strokes in impressionist paintings. I decided to paint one of my print blocks and turn it into wall art.

Paper Mache Clay

Joni at Ultimate Paper Mache shared an updated recipe for her clay. The clay is made with flour, cornstarch, sugar, vinegar, joint compound, toilet paper, and baby oil. It air dries to a rock-hard shell and is affordable to make. My only concern is whether it would be prone to decay and attract weevils.