The Value of Cohorts

Diorama in the chair of honor at Wednesday Artsy Ladies Group

I want to express my gratitude to the cohorts at the art group that have made my art possible with their encouragement, enthusiasm, and wisdom. Creating in a vacuum of isolation is difficult and having a place to go two Wednesdays a month has made a huge difference in my ability to bring my Diorama to completion. When I brought my completed diorama to the art group Sooz and the ladies placed it in the chair of honor so we could all enjoy it during our Wednesday session. Everyone congratulated me and engaged with my piece in a way that made me feel so loved and appreciated. Battling fear during the creative process is hard, but with a strong group of cohorts on your side it’s so much easier and rewarding.

Thank you Sandra, Sooz, Joanne, Julie, Marcy, Kim, Mary Lou, Patti, Anne, Jeanette, Kathy, Kim, and Kat.

Art group ladies hard at work, diorama in the background.