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Summer Sniffs

On my walks, I can’t help but take a moment to close my eyes and


Between projects and learning new software, I have been turning to my sketchbook as an

Cutting Trials & Errors

Realizing I wanted a thinner engraved line on my diorama, I took about a week

Nibble Cutting Result

This is how the final cut turned out. I decided to try just lightly engraving

Sketch to Vector

One of the daily drawings in my sketchbook stood out to me to have a

Daily Drawing Practice

Morning Pages have worked out so well for me that I’ve also decided to add

Stardust Dipper

I’ve been dreaming of these layered drawings that create depth and tell a story about

Pop-Up Scene Doodle

Been enjoying doodling with layers. Imagining a scene with a background, midground, and foreground. This

Flying Friends

Procreate sketch of bird walking with his flying friend the butterfly. Working on bent legs

Stubby Opossum

Drawing in Procreate of a opossum with stubby arms and a round belly. Tried different

Sausage & Banana Slug

Weekend getaway to Trinidad, CA to take in the forest and cool ocean air. Saw

Purple Cow

Making woodblock texture using paint pens and watercolor paper. So bright and opaque. U can


Doodle with watercolor and POSCA Paint Pens. Experimenting with layers and textures.

Dapper Badger

Exploring drawing with my POSCA Paint Pens on watercolor paper. I liked the effect of

Earl Gray

A doodle to capture the wisdom of “a brew will see you through.”

Boy with Toothache

Doodle of my Mother’s painting. It is one of my most treasured things, she speaks


Some people call them crows, but Raven is what they prefer. Doodle with Copic markers


A doodle of this adorable bird with personality to match.

Space Rocks

A doodle inspired by the movie Don’t Look Up!


A doodle about people who have it all and still can’t experience joy.