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First Look: Satchel & Penny Art Diorama

For the first time, I can see my art diorama fully realized. I still have

Assembling the Diorama

With each layer and the floating bits painted, it was time for the final assembly.

Floating Layers

Figuring out a hardware solution to mount the floating layers of the diorama was tricky.

Diorama Hardware

Moment of truth… will the holes in each layer line up and work with the

Preview Diorama Layers

With a few layers painted, I did a test stack of the background, frame, and

Cutting Trials & Errors

Realizing I wanted a thinner engraved line on my diorama, I took about a week

The Mushroom Topper

The Mushroom Topper climbs down from the tree with a basket full of germinated spores

Stardust Dipper

I’ve been dreaming of these layered drawings that create depth and tell a story about

Satchel and the Sea Monster

Satchel is a tea cup bobber of legend. Holding his spoon tight as he crosses