Painting Owen

Owen was a really chatty cathy when I was painting him, talking to me the

Hummingbird Sculpt

At art group this Wednesday, I worked on sculpting a hummingbird. Adding each teardrop in

Sculpting Buttons – Part 3

CosClay can be painted directly with acrylic paint, and the coverage is very satisfying. For

Sculpting Buttons – Part 2

The round plaque was made with a piece of cardboard cut in a circle and

Sculpting Buttons the Dog – Part 1

I’m sculpting my new 4-month-old Jack Russel Terrier puppy Buttons as a Christmas gift for

Tucker the Duck

Progress on painting Tucker. Painted dark base color then dry brushed lighter shade next. Colors

Tulip the Duck

Sculpted with oven baked CosClay over a wooden peg. Tulip loves waddling thru the tulip