Sculpting Buttons – Part 2

The round plaque was made with a piece of cardboard cut in a circle and covered with rolled sheets of CosClay. I applied bake and bond glue to the cardboard and armatures to ensure a good bond after baking. To keep the plaque flat and avoid air bubbles, I baked it sandwiched between two tiles with a heavy pan on top. This worked really well, and the result was light and flat.

This sculpt consisted of several phases of baking. The plaque was baked first, then I added the wire for hanging. Then I attached the body to the plaque with a wad of CosClay, so I could hold the plaque while adding the fur texture to the body. Sculpting the head on a stick worked great, easy to hold and move around as I added the fur texture and face details. Then I baked the head on a stick and the body (now mounted on the plaque). Once that cooled, I added the head to the body with a wad of clay and baked and bonded, blending the new clay matching the fur texture.

In hindsight, I think I would sculpt the body and head on the stick at the same time, then cut the stick and cover the stump with some CosClay.