Robot 318

I wanted to go back in time a little and capture some sculptures I made before starting my daily creative logging commitment. I always learn new things with each sculpting project, and this website is a place to capture those lessons for myself and others. This is a critter I sculpted in December 2020.

Found this interesting piggy bank made from a brass mailbox door. Drilled a round hole in the top where the coin slot was and created a skylight with domes glass. This was the first time I added polymer clay to wood and had several cracks develop after baking. After filling the cracks with spackle and painting the sky – I liked it better than the original plan. I used colored polymer clay for this project and experimented with mixing colors by kneading two colors together. After baking, I used hard pastels/chalks to create weathering and grime on the robot. Project Time: Four Days

Robot 318 has had many failed missions. He did not follow the program dictated by his circuitry. His life his is own. He floats among the clouds, dreaming and plotting his next exciting adventure.