Pearl the Mouse

I wanted to go back in time a little and capture some sculptures I made before starting my daily creative logging commitment. I always learn new things with each sculpting project, and this website is a place to capture those lessons for myself and others. This is a sculpt I did in September 2021.

Starting with a wooden peg, I used Sculpty oven-bake polymer clay to form the body of a mouse knitting on a spool of thread. Inspired by the heartwarming illustrations in the Beatrice Potter books. After baking in the oven I finished with acrylic paint, starting with dark colors for the base and dry brushing mid and light tones to create depth of color. Lastly, wash with burnt umber to accent the texture and give an aged look to the piece.

I really loved how her hands and feet joyfully hanging of a spool helped tell her story. I need to explore adding props and hobbies to more of my critters since it adds dimension to their personality.

Approx. Time to complete: 17 hours. Pearl is on a shelf in my studio.