Panda Surgery

Reworking the panda sculpture eyes.

I started this Panda back in February and got as far as adding a paper mache skin over a cardboard armature. Then it came crashing down off the wall in the middle of the night, and it’s been collecting dust on its back. I experimented with several different clays, paper mache clay, and magic sculpt, but I was not thrilled with the result. Then, in May, I discovered concrete paper clay from Jonni at Ultimate Paper Mache and have been in love with it since I mixed up my first batch. I’m ready to revisit the Giant Panda using what I learned from three alien sculptures.

After studying the panda at length, I realized I don’t like the bulging eyes, so I will remove those and add concaved eyes like I did in the Alien series. Then, I will add bolts and a French cleat to the back and get it back on the wall. The holes I cut for the eyes will allow me to access the inside of the head.