Panda Paper Mache

Applying Paper Mache with paper bags to the Panda Sculpture
Panda Sculpture - Dryed Paper Mache layer and Masking Tape Layer
Trader Joe’s bags have pretty designs. I wanted the girl to face out.

Now for the second panda skin, brown paper bag paper mache. I discovered this technique from Joni at Ultimate Paper Mache. She uses this on her masks for a quick-dry, strong layer. For the mache paste, I use Tightbond III and a tiny bit of water. Then tear a brown paper store bag into strips. Dip the strips coating both sides and press onto the masking tape. It holds well. No slippage so far. The underside might be more challenging; we shall see. This section is one Trader Joe Bag worth of strips. I really love getting my hands messy in the glue.