Color Tests

Testing frame colors and look on a cutting scrap

Since I wasted several sheets of material perfecting the engraving with the CNC on this piece, I had the perfect scrap to test some colors on. With this freedom, I happened upon a happy accident. I set out to tone the white and grey to a warmer hue with some raw umber mixed with glazing medium. Using a stencil brush, I worked the paint into the groove of the engraving lines and then whipped the excess with a wide brush. To my surprise, it made the whole piece take on a wood texture that bleeds thru the other colors I brushed on top. It gives the piece an aged carnival look that I enjoyed. Next, I played around with colorful details on the frame, but after realizing it would be too busy with the colors to come on the lower layers, I decided not to go this route. Having a scrap piece to test some new ideas was freeing.

Stipple and tone on a scrap piece