Water Color Diorama

Watercolor and pen doodle of an idea for a new diorama project.

At the art group in Nipomo, I decided to take a break from acrylic and do a little watercolor scene that came to me in a dream. I wrote down this about my dream, and I plan on turning it into a diorama.

In my dream, there was a meadow bursting with painted flowers and surrounded by a wall of heavy wood. A purple bunny with a stitched patch on one eye stood among the wispy grass. It was standing, with a net which made me think it was catching flying insects. I noticed tiny fuzzy balls shooting out of the flowers like bullets rising high, reaching a maximum height, and falling back to the earth. On decent, the ball would uncurl, and translucent wings snapped out like a parachute and then fluttered away. Not all the balls opened as they were launched too early, so the bunny waited to save any unopened balls from smashing into the ground below.