• HiROO Sketch

    These little HiROo creatures haunt my dreams. I can’t stop drawing them. This one has unique ear details.

  • Sketch to Vector Art

    In this photo, you can compare my original sketch and the resulting vector version done on the computer. With this vectorized illustration, I can scale it to any size…

  • Specimens

    The HiROo collect specimens from human dreams and store them in a library full of originals. Each jar a perfectly preserved hologram of an idea. They take their collection…

  • The Umbrella

    The HiROo use the umbrella to travel from the sleeping world to the waking world. This particular one wanted a yellow rain coat.

  • The HIROO

    The story of the HiROo came to me over a series of day dreams and while I am a sculptor and painter, I feel compelled to also share their…