Show Your Work

First Post - Committing to the Practice

In my work with Download & Print and TubbyWubby, the focus was on selling a product. It was creative but not as personal or abstract as the work I desire to share on this site. I’m heading down a path, not knowing what the final ‘product’ will be.

This site will capture pieces of my daily creative practice rather than a final product to take to market. What will happen when I consistently make and share it?

My objective is simple: Make art and share it here for a thousand days. A thousand days feels like a mammoth challenge. It’s the habit I want to develop, make and share my creative work DAILY. I choose at this moment to turn PRO with my art. That means showing up every day, even when I don’t feel like it, even when I have no idea what I’ll make.

By the time August 13, 2024 rolls around, I’ll have improved my skills and hopefully attracted a few folks who connect with my work along the way.

The following books have inspired me to take this approach:

“In order to be found, you need to be findable.”

– Austin Kleon