Seeker Wall Sculpture: Armature

Seeker wall sculpture progress photo - baking armature.

I cut a silhouette of the seeker from my drawing on cardboard for the flat back, then added aluminum foil balls to make the body and head shape. I added some hot glue to hold the foil to the cardboard. Then cover the foil and cardboard with air-light polymer clay and insert toothpicks for the future limbs. Baked in the oven and 275 degrees for 20 minutes.

Seeker wall sculpture progress photo - covering armature with polymer clay.

Then I coated the baked armature with ‘Bake and Bond’, added my firmer Sculpty clay, and started sculpting the creature’s details.

Calling Nimbus Drawing by Rebecca Ruggles

This is my original drawing and guide for this wall sculpture piece. I’m making the Seeker who summons Nimbus the Wind Whale with his kite.