Robin is an early bird. Her favorite thing is a lively chat over a decadent cappuccino. She flutters against the wall and start a conversation every time you walk by.

21×13 x17 cm (HxWxD)

April 2024

Epoxy Clay / Acrylic Paint

One of a Kind, Original Sculpture

How It Was Made

Cardboard profile of the early bird sculpture and areas that will rest against the wall.
Side view of the paper armature for the early bird sculpture.
Front view of the early bird paper armature.
Side view of the early bird armature built out of cardboard by artist Rebecca Ruggles.
Paper patterns for the wings and ideas on how to hold the cup.
Building the wing and cup armature from EVA foam and recycled cup.
Free Form Air over EVA foam wings
Rebecca Ruggles adding epoxy clay to the early bird sculpture.
Lumpy dry clay on early bird sculpture
Jig for holding my sculpture in every direction without touching the work.
Working on the underside of the early bird sculpting feet.
Wings attached with t-nuts and bolts to the body.
Covering my bolts with wings
Red robin bird sculpture during painting phase.