Panda Masking Tape

Applying the masking tape over the cardboard armature
Masking tape layer over the cardboard to fill in gaps

This entire project is full of unknowns. I’m using techniques I learned from James Lake and Joni at Ultimate Paper Mache. I watched Joni use masking tape over her paper patterns and thought it would be a way to keep the next paper mache layer from sagging into the gaps. Applying the masking tape, I was able to get a better feel for the shape and curves. On a fun note, it sounds like a beach ball when you tap on it right now. Highly recommend only using 3M brand masking tape. I’ve never been disappointed when I select any 3M tape or adhesive product. (note: I’m not a 3M affiliate or sponsor)

The whole goal of this part is to get a sizeable basic shape of the panda to apply my epoxy clay over the top. I need a firm shell to push against when I add the clay.