Painting Nibbles

Close up of brush strokes painting nibbles
In progress of painting Nibbles and having second thoughts

Trying some new things while painting Nibbles. I wanted to try toning the canvas blue, so I painted my whiteboard with a translucent blue all over it. I have learned that a colored ground creates unity in the colors since they all will have that color mixing thru underneath. I also wanted to try using a Payne’s grey instead of black for the outlines to soften the edges and two-tone color on the eyes to make them appear more round.

I’m not thrilled with how this is going, so I stopped and stepped back to look at it for a few days. Realizing that I’m growing tired of these thick cartoon lines on my pieces. I think I’d like it more if the colors just bleed to the edge and no outline is there. So I will give it a sanding and paint a second attempt over the top.

This piece has taken on new meaning for me. Looking at him, I realize he represents my surrender to following the creative process. Trusting the balloon to lift me and follow its lead. I have no navigational control, and the ground is getting further and further away from me.