I wanted to go back in time a little and capture some sculptures I made before starting my daily creative logging commitment. I always learn new things with each sculpting project, and this website is a place to capture those lessons for myself and others.

Starting with a wooden peg doll as the bulk of the form, I added polymer clay in clumps to form the long snout-shaped head. I set out with the intention to make a purple moose, but his mischievous character emerged from the clay to my delight and amusement. I’m learning to surrender to the moment and let the clay tell me what it wants to be. The process of sculpting is evolving into a second world. I take a deep breath and slip below the surface. Fully emerged, I can spontaneously create in ways that delight my innermost being.

The hardest part of this sculpt was the first layer of paint. It was terrifying to block out the colors and see streaky coats of paint, covering all the details I loved in the sculpture. I experienced several hours of quieting the critic in my brain that is screaming, “you’ve ruined it; it’s a lost cause.” The lesson here is to keep painting. Keep adding color, shadow, and highlights – remembering that the color can always be tweaked after it dries.

I gifted this sculpture to Sue and Eric in Georgia. Sue is a clever lady who loves purple and yoga.