Clover the Fox

I wanted to go back in time a little and capture some sculptures I made before starting my daily creative logging commitment. I always learn new things with each sculpting project, and this website is a place to capture those lessons for myself and others.

I sculpted Clover, the book-loving fox, while visiting Sue and Eric in September. I brought my clay tools with me so that in the evening, so I could sculpt after dinner while visiting with everyone. Traveling to new places gets my creativity flowing, so it was nice to have an immediate outlet available. Unfortunately, I don’t have many progress images as I was having fun talking and did not pause to document the process.

Blairsville and Murphy have a thriving art community. The Art Walk event was inspiring, with many different styles and mediums. The highlight was the Murphy Art Center, MAC for short, showcasing a collection of original art from members. I purchased a drinking dragons mug made by Holly Pottery ( It’s become my daily drinking mug!

Clover the Fox took about 15 hours to complete in September 2021. She’s hanging our reading on a shelf in my studio.

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