Big Bird

Today I experimented with making large-scale art using my iPad, the ShopBot, and acrylic paints:

  1. I created a digital doodle on my iPad with Procreate.
  2. That artwork file was exported as a PNG into Vcarve, enlarged to 24″, and set up the cutting tool paths for the ShopBot.
  3. I cut my project on a 5mm multilayer PVC board with a black core and a 1/4″ 3-flute Upcut finisher endmill. 
  4. The giant bird was decorated with two coats of acrylic paint, filling in each section of white. The result reminded me of stained glass, with each colorful area bordered by metal.

I was thrilled with the results and want to make three more birds to stack on top of this one for a whimsical totem pole of cuteness. I genuinely feel large-scale art is my future. 

Watch Video Diary – Going Big

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