by Rebecca Ruggles


This year, I’ve been experimenting with machine cut-out paintings, layered dioramas, and creating large wall sculptures.

Satchel and Penny Art Diorama by Rebecca Ruggles

Satchel and Penny vs. the Sea Monster


60 x 60 cm

Stanley and Doughnut Sculpture by Rebecca Ruggles



12 x 39 x 12 cm

Rigby Lovable Alien Sculpture by Rebecca Ruggles


Wall Sculpture

30 x 43 x 15 cm

  • Dry fit of the giant alien sculpture eyes.
  • Painting the green alien
  • applying second coat of concrete paper clay to exercise ball form
  • Second the third alien heads being working on by artist and sculptor Rebecca Ruggles.
  • Adding wet concrete paper clay to the alien head armature with trowel.
  • Adding antennas to my alien head.
  • EVA foam mouth on alien head with concrete paper clay.
  • Sculpting eyes with 3" foam balls and concrete paper clay.