2021 Christmas Card

I decided to design my own Christmas design to showcase the year. Looking back over the months, I still feel the loss of my beloved sausage dog, but I also see growth in myself and my commitment to my art. Thru the year, one thing remained steady, Mooch the Cat and her absolute contempt of me. I dedicate this year’s holiday card to her to honor her consistency.

I illustrated her rotund physique and aloof stink eye using my Wacom board and Photoshop. Added a little holiday flair with Christmas lights and an argyle background. I then composed her origin story for all to read on the back of the card:

Story of Mooch the Cat

As all legends do, she arrived at the ranch on a dark and stormy night. Dad felt sorry for her and gave her food and a variety of beds in which none were sufficient for sleeping. She was skeptical and kept a distance for many years but always returned for the food. Mooch selected the garage as her home, and as loyal servants, we added a private cat door entrance and additional beds for her leisure. She is quite the hunter and likes to de-feather her prizes under the parked cars. Since her reign upon the hill, we have yet to find a mouse alive.

Dad and Mooch take a ritual morning walk to the water tank, and she allows him to pet her affectionately. I, however, am not allowed to stroke her fur, for I’m often accompanied by dogs and wield a garden hose in spring. So this year, I chose to capture Mooch and her aloofness for the holiday card.

-Happy Holidays