What vs Why

I’ve always focused on the practical WHAT. What products will I create? How do I produce those items? Who will buy them? The focus was on delivering the best product I could. I always worked hard towards my goals but found the passion fleeting once the excitement wore off.

When starting a business, you are birthing a creation into the world. You invest blood, sweat, tears, and time towards this thing. Problems arise, and you work thru them. Your spirit takes a beating. Voices and thoughts of doubt are constant. When you reach those heavy decisions, your WHY becomes your compass and strength. The WHY is your light in the dark room; a beacon that will never lead you astray.

Let’s say you write books… WHY do you write books? Why do you spend hours in front of that keyboard? Why do you search for that perfect sentence? If you answered money or fame, then disappointment is inevitable because those are things, not reasons. In the end, possessions will never satisfy the desires of the heart.

Using our talents to add to the world’s prosperity will fuel your passion with endless energy. Solve problems, ask questions, be inquisitive about your surroundings. When you discover and draw insights, share it with others. Witnessing your work impact others in a positive way will give you goosebumps and ignite your heart. When you feel that flame inside you are being your authentic self, honoring the reason you are here at this moment in time.

“When you know your why your what has more impact because you are walking towards your purpose. Towards the reason you are here.” – Michael Jr.

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