Craving validation is natural. We learn it as children how good it feels to hear our parents praise when we proudly show an exciting new thing we made. Instant gratification. Reassurance that we are on the right track. As we grow up validation shifts, our teachers and peers provide praise and critique.

Most of us never evolve beyond the need for peer validation, and this will hold you back as a creative soul.

When you are creating from your intuition validation is unnecessary. Trust in what feels natural to you, don’t filter your instinct with a hammering of feedback the voices in your head or others. It is your job to create the work that only you can produce. How others judge it is entirely THEIR business.

It requires time to morph ideas into reality. Without effort, there is no pleasure in the final result. Be nurturing and patient during iterations. I find it helpful to take a third-person mindset. Observe your work as a scientist, notice the unusual causes and effects unfolding before you. Learn and take notes as you experiment, rather than scold yourself for not achieving an unattainable standard you’ve imagined.