Sweat Equity

The only way to get your body to sweat is thru work. You can’t buy our outsource sweat production. It’s honest work and it never lies. When I sweat I feel accomplishment, vitality, and mentally focused. When I don’t sweat feelings of depression and listlessness start to sneak in. Confidence slips away taking my creative ideas with it.High performers build sweat equity each day. Taking advantage of a natural injection of “feel-good” hormones (serotonin, dopamine, and cortisol) released during hard physical activity.

I like to earn sweat equity in the morning. It’s my way of honoring my body first before any interruptions can derail me. It’s a jump-start to the day. On hard days when nothing goes right, it’s a consistent win in my column.

Many times my best ideas come to me during or after sweating. My body feels nourished and allows my mind to focus. Consistent daily exercise builds momentum. I notice my body improving in speed, strength or flexibility and it gives me the pride and the feeling of hard work paying off. This positive perspective is carried thru-out my day and fills me with gratitude.